This page refers to the Spin-Off Series of Deserted. You may be looking for the Main Series.

Season 1 Edit

In the Spin-Off Series of Deserted, the protagonist, Larry Lawrence follows his former friend, Jesse Price with the aid of Inna Vinogradov.

Larry is from a military training group called Iron Snake, along with Jesse Price and Garrett Reza.

Larry, Jesse, and Garrett were sent on a Special-Ops mission to defuse a potential threat with a German Camp outside of a small town in Houston, Texas.

After Larry departs from Jesse and Garrett, he moves to find sniper cover. Before Larry can reach cover, the nuclear bomb is dropped and Larry, as well as Jesse and Garrett is knocked out. Larry wakes up in the woods, and makes his way down a street when there is a noise behind him. Larry turns around to see Inna Vinogradov pointing her gun at him. The episode ends with him asking "What do you want?"

Larry and Inna are hiding in a spot, but are watching Jesse, Garrett, and Lilly. Inna explains that she's been following them since the start and that she wants to raid them. Larry tells Inna that they should use Lilly as a hostage because Larry has never seen her before, so he can assume that Lilly is not related to a group member. When the time is right, Lilly moves into the front yard alone, and Inna approaches her in cover. Before Inna can take Lilly out, Jesse comes outside to ask Lilly a question, and this blows Inna's chance. Inna runs back to cover after nearly being spotted by Jesse. Larry begins with his new idea, but it is interrupted when they hear commotion in the streets. They can't hear what is going on, so Larry plans on moving up.