Michael is the main character of the Book Series of Deserted.

Pre-Nuclear Annihilation Edit

Before the annihilation, Michael lived in his apartment in New York. A police officer kicked in his door and evacuated him and put him in the back of a SWAT truck headed to safety. Before they reached their destination, a gray truck pulled out in front of the SWAT truck and released chemical gases all over the street. There were other trucks doing the same all over the city.

Post-Nuclear Annihilation Edit

After the annihilation, Michael woke up inside of the flipped over SWAT truck, everyone inside was dead. He crawled his way out and began looking for survivors. After finding nothing, he sat in an alley and began to cry with his head in his hands. He looked up at the sound of a noise, and it was discovered to be Jakob. He then offers Michael a ride to Texas, where they can meet with other special scientists and recreate society.