Gas Mask

Masked Man is a character in Deserted's Main Series.

Pre-Nuclear Annihilation Edit

It is unknown what his face looks like, because it is covered by a military surplus Gas Mask.

It is possible that the Masked Man was part of the military before the nuclear attack, due to his military issued Gas Mask, and his skills in stealth and attacking.

Post-Nuclear Annihilation Edit

Nothing is known about the Masked Man's personality or behavior, other than that he kidnapped Lilly Price and Larry Lawrence, which makes him the antagonist of Season 2 and Season 3.

Trivia Edit

  • The Masked Man has a lot of similarities to the Pyro from Team Fortress 2
    • They both have a Gas Mask, concealing their face at all times
    • They are both responsible for the harm of other characters
    • Both of their personalities have never been discovered
  • It is probable that the Masked Man has Myoclonus, which is a brain and nerve disorder which causes your body to twitch a lot.
    • Most Myoclonus patients have had past spinal/brain injuries involving infections, strokes, heart attacks, and physical damage.
    • Most Myoclonia cases happen primarily in the shoulders and neck, but severe cases also affect arms and sometimes even the torso.
    • Riley has hinted on possibly revealing the Masked Man's face, but has never confirmed anything.