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A preview of Jessie wielding a pistol.

Jesse Price
Vital statistics
Position Fireside House
Age 13
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'3
Weight 108 lbs

Jesse Price is the main protagonist of the Deserted Series. He is usually calm and knows how to deal with conflict, but in the moment, he can surely yell and get his point across. Many (if not everyone) in the group looks up to him as their leader, and they respect him the same way.

Pre-Nuclear AnnihilationEdit

Before the nuclear annihilation caused by the group of scouts in their base, Jessie was a part of the Iron Snake squad. Iron Snake was an Army company that recruits teens that aren't too young, and aren't too old. Jessie was in this squad with Garrett Reza and Larry Lawrence. Not much else is known other than he had a younger sister with the name of Lilly Price.

Post-Nuclear AnnihilationEdit

Jessie regroups with Garrett and they fortify their own base and are living there currently in the series.

Trivia Edit

  • The house that Jessie and Garrett stay in after the attack is actually Riley Zimmerman's (the actor of Jessie) house.
  • Jessie's name was actually the last decided out of all of the other characters.