Iron Snake

"Don't let the night take you, that was our saying." -Jesse to Lilly explaining why he always says that.

Iron Snake is a military squad that recruits kids (mostly male) in their early teens to do missions, similar to the Army or Marines.

Members of Iron Snake Edit

The following is a list of those who were involved in Iron Snake:

Impact Edit

The impact Iron Snake on the plotline is very important and is what caused the conflict of the story.

Members of the squad, Jesse, Garrett, and Larry were all sent on a reconnaissance mission to stalk, and possibly eliminate a German camp in the woods. Jesse realizes that nobody is there, but then all three members are ambushed by unseen characters.

After a type of bomb that the Germans have been developing goes off, all of the world's communication is shut down and the majority of the population disappears for unknown reasons. Since the three Iron Snake members were too close when the bomb dropped, they were all knocked unconscious, and woke up far apart from each other for unknown reasons. It is still unknown what happened to Larry after these events, but it is presumed he is still alive since Jesse and Garrett survived the bomb.