Inna Vinogradov
Vital statistics
Position Corpse
Age 10
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

"Please! I didn't want to hurt anyone!" -Inna trying to persuade Jesse not to kill her.

Inna Vinogradov is Dimitri Vinogradov's sister, and assists him in raiding Jesse's group in Season 1 Episode 4 of Deserted.

Pre-Nuclear Annihilation Edit

Nothing is known about Inna before the nuclear annihilation, other than her older brother was Dimitri Vinogradov.

Post-Nuclear Annihilation Edit

Inna is first seen when taking Lilly hostage with Dimitri Vinogradov. Jesse, Garrett, and Vladimir are all at gunpoint when Dimitri proposes a deal to them. Dimitri asks that they hand over all of their weapons, and Lilly doesn't die. Inna doesn't speak in her first appearance, but she has many lines in the next episode.

In the next episode, she is first seen pointing her gun at Garrett while he is taking cover behind a playhouse. Garrett runs straight up at Inna and scares her enough for her to not shoot.

After Dimitri is shot by Garrett, Inna tries to escape the backyard the gunfight took place at. Garrett shoots after her a few times, but misses. Garrett begins to pursue Inna, and Lilly is soon to follow. Inna is not seen again for the remainder of the season.

In the first episode of Season 2, Jesse and Vladimir stumble across Inna while she is running. Jesse points the gun at her head and is about to shoot her for making Lilly and Garrett disappear. Jesse gets very angered, and he is about to pull the trigger when Vladimir stops him. Jesse is still angered when he lets Inna keep running, but he doesn't shoot her. Jesse and Vladimir never see Inna again.

In the episode after she is released, she crosses paths with Garrett and Lilly. Garrett is happy to finally have found the enemy they were chasing. Inna tries to convince Garrett to keep her alive, but Garrett doesn't listen to her persuasion, and shoots her through the skull and moves on. This is the last time in the series that Inna is seen.