Dimitri Vinogradov
Vital statistics
Position Corpse
Age 13
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 5'0
Weight Unknown

"You're gonna regret that, boy" -Dimitri after Jesse puts his finger on the trigger of his gun

Dimitri is a character first encountered in Season 1 Episode 4 of Deserted.

Pre-Nuclear Annihilation Edit

Nothing is known about Dimitri before the nuclear annihilation.

Post-Nuclear Annihilation Edit

Dimitri is first seen after he takes Lilly hostage, she screams and then Jesse, Garrett, and Vladimir confront them. Dimitri's sister, Inna Vinogradov is also holding Lilly hostage, but she states that she doesn't want to have to shoot anyone.

Dimitri warns Jesse's group that if he doesn't hand over their weapons, he'll shoot Lilly. Jesse doesn't like the sound of that and he puts his finger on the trigger of his gun. Dimitri replies with "You're gonna regret that, boy."

The episode ends with a gunshot being heard but it is unknown who fired the bullet.

In the start of the next episode, it is revealed that Garrett shot the first bullet, but it was a miss.

When Jesse recovers from the gunshot, he sees that Lilly is behind a tree, Vladimir is behind a bench, and Garrett is shooting from behind a playhouse.

Dimitri stands in the middle of the yard firing at everyone. When he notices Jesse has recovered, he kicks him over, and he can't get back up.

After Dimitri kicks Jesse over, he approaches him pointing his gun at Jesse's head. Garrett then runs through Inna to shoot Dimitri before he shoots Jesse. Garrett successfully shoots Dimitri in the head, causing Inna to run and is shortly followed by Garrett and Lilly.

Jesse and Vladimir don't move Dimitri's body after he died, and his body is seen by Larry Lawrence in his re-appearance after the credits at the end of the season.