The Spin-Off Series is one of the three series' in the Deserted universe.

The Spin-Off Series starts shortly after the first season of the Main Series, as well as having many of the same characters in it as well.

The main character of the Spin-Off Series is Larry Lawrence, an ex-member of the Iron Snake crew. After being separated from the rest of his squad, he is on his own, or so he thinks.

He then encounters Inna Vinogradov in the middle of a street, first he is untrustful of this new stranger, but then learns to deal with her. She gets him to do her dirty-work that her brother, Dimitri  Vinogradov (who is never seen in the Spin-Off Series) which is killing Jesse Price's group. Larry doesn't know he has to kill Jesse though, in fact he doesn't even know Jesse is still alive. After he spots out his targets, he soon realizes he has to kill a good friend and comrade of his. His back up plan, is to send Inna out to assassinate Lilly Price , which is Jesse's sister (which Larry doesn't know), and use that as a reason to draw them all out of their base.

As Inna approaches their base, Larry keeps watch from a vantage point nearby. Inna makes it through the yard unnoticed. Lilly comes out into the front yard and Inna opens up for a kill, but somethins distracts her and brings her back into the base, this is discovered later to be Vladimir Aristov.

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