"The Defector" is the third episode in the Deserted Main Series, and marks the first appearance of Vladimir Aristov.

"The Defector"
Season 1, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date None
Written by Riley Zimmerman/ Jack Moser
Directed by Riley Zimmerman
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"With The Enemy" "Among The Fallen"

Plot Edit

Jesse's group stayed at a house with their group members. All of the group thinks of the house as their "home". Jesse and Garrett later spot Vladimir Aristov outside of their base. The two take him in and interrogate him. After Jesse is convinced Vladimir is a good guy, he lets him stay with them.

Cast/Characters Edit

Riley Zimmerman as Jesse Price

Jackson Moser as Garrett Reza

Reagan Zimmerman as Lilly Price

TBA as Vladimir Aristov

Trivia Edit

  • Over the course of a few months, there were four different people who were supposed to play Vladimir, but all were cancelled.
  • Originally, Vladimir was supposed to appear with a group of Russian tourists, but this was scrapped for unknown reasons
  • The name "The Defector" was originally given to show that in a non-canon universe, Garrett and Vladimir had teamed up on Jesse and Lilly, and had taken them hostage.