"In The Recovery"
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Riley Zimmerman/Jack Moser
Directed by Riley Zimmerman
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"In The Recovery" is the first episode of the Deserted Main Series and thus marks the first appearance of Jesse Price, Garrett Reza and Larry Lawrence.

Plot Edit

The Iron Snake military squad decides to send Jesse, Garrett, and Larry out on a reconnaissance mission to investigate a German camp that may involve the raidings of military settlements.

When the three show up, they are given orders by Jesse. Jesse puts himself and Garrett as spies to listen to and watch the actions of the Germans, while Larry is positioned as a sniper from a vantage point above. All goes wrong when the two are spotted by an unseen soldier and a short skirmish starts between the two groups. The fight only lasts a mere few seconds before the Germans drop a bomb the makes Jesse go unconscious. It is unknown whether this affected Garrett or Larry, but it can be assumed so since Jesse's body was dragged away from the site of attack.

Cast/Characters Edit

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Riley Zimmerman as Jesse Price

Jackson Moser as Garrett Reza

Kaden Burrage as Larry Lawrence

Trivia Edit

  • This episode was originally going to focus on life at the Iron Snake headquarters before the German attack, but this idea was scrapped because it focused too much on the characters and not the problem.
  • Larry was originally supposed to be the "defector" of the group, but this idea was later changed due to the idea of the Spin-Off Series, mainly focusing on Larry.
  • It is unknown what happened to the German camp, because they aren't seen again, or at least soon after the events of the attack.
  • It is hinted that the Germans destroyed all communications in the country, due to this being mentioned later by Vladimir, and mentioned by Jakob in the Book Series.